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Welcome to QBE Trade Credit’s global policy management platform. We are a specialist provider of Trade Credit Insurance, Surety and Bonds. Our global network of underwriters has been supporting policyholders for nearly 50 years, protecting them from the damaging effects of customer insolvency and payment default.

Our specialist underwriters are experienced across many industries, and are available to discuss how we can help your business. We provide tailored policies to suit businesses' credit risk management needs - be they for local (domestic) trade, regional or global (export) trade or a combination of all. Our stated aim is to provide market-leading service in policy management, risk underwriting and claims advisory services.

A QBE Trade Credit insurance policy provides broad and effective protection against the common problems of buyer insolvency and payment default – whether locally or overseas. The insolvency of a customer before they have paid their creditor's terms can have a crippling effect on the supplier’s balance sheet. Our policies are designed to protect against such losses, clearing the path to secure profitable growth.


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